Birthday Sessions $500

45 Minutes/25+ images 

For my birthday studio sessions, I offer a unique set for each baby! These sessions are for your 1 or 2 year old babies. If you book at least a month in advance, I can customize your little one's set to fit you and your little one's specific taste! The session fee includes 25 of your favorite images, but sometimes 25 just isn't enough! You will have the option to purchase additional photos to add to your baby's gallery. There will be a $10/image editing fee added if you decide you would like to have more than the 25 included images. 

The Process

I start with family/sibling photos on a solid backdrop. From there, we move on to formal portraits of your baby in up to 2 outfits. This is the part where we try to get those smiles, tiny details, put them into props, and really let their little personalities and milestones shine! After these, I move on to cake smash portion. (Cake is not provided) This is where we put a cake in front of your baby and see what they do! This portion is all about your baby's reaction to the cake and watching what they do. Although smiles are great when they happen, that isn't the goal here. For these, we are focusing on their messy faces, their pouting faces when they don't like their hands getting dirty, the way they lean in and devour cake by shoving their faces into it, frosting on their hands and feet, and all of the other fun little details that we all love about our little one. Then finally, we finish with some fun bubble bath or milk bath photos! Either your baby can play with bubbles and splash in the wash basin, or they can play with edible flowers/fruit/herbs and maybe sneak some bites if they're feeling extra hungry! I will engage with your baby throughout our time together to get them to feel as comfortable as possible during their session. My goal is not to have a perfect smile in every one of these photos. For my cake smash sessions, my focus is on capturing your baby at this fleeting time in their lives. This means you might get photos of your baby looking shy and unsure of my unfamiliar face, photos of your baby trying to crawl off of the set or out of every prop, photos of him/her clutching their favorite toy, photos of your baby eating everything in sight, ect. These sessions are about photographing your perfect baby's unique nature and individuality. All you will need to bring for these is baby, a cake, and outfits for the formal portraits as well as the cake smash portion. I do have a few outfits in studio for the formal portraits. If you are interested in seeing what I have, just let me know when you book so I can send you photos of what I have available. Please schedule your session for a time that your baby is usually in their best mood! If your child has any health concerns, allergies, or hasn't reached the sitting milestone yet, please let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements to accommodate your baby's needs. 


A $100 deposit is due when booking your baby's cake smash session and is required to hold your date and time. Once the deposit is paid and your theme has been chosen, I will begin designing your child's unique backdrop. Due to the customized nature of these sessions and the amount of time it takes to set these up, I require that my clients give a 48 hour notice if rescheduling is needed. Rescheduling done within the 48 hour window will require an additional deposit of $100. If you have already chosen a theme but change your mind, please give me as much notice as possible and I will do my best to accommodate you.